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Forum Rules And Guidelines

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Posted 01 October 2006 - 03:05 AM

Welcome everybody!

Those forums are dedicated to collaborative discussions about Kaspersky products and the Fan Club itself. Please take a few moments to read the following forum rules and regulations.

The following is strictly forbidden
1) Falsifying information or intentionally distorting it
2) Crossposting or creating thread duplication
3) Using incorrect distortion of grammar rules
4) Offtopic messages. Question and anwer polls are discouraged
5) Foul language, factless assuptions, putting down of other members
6) Political debate in favor of one party or political candidate vs. the others
7) Violation of well being of other members
8) Propaganda of amoral behavior
9) Posting information about data corruption and other peripherals
10) Discussion of illegal software. Any direct links and discussions will be deleted without notification
11) Advertising without proper approval
12) Redundant quoting. Slows down the pages, and makes the thread hard to understand
13) Creation of nicknames or avatar usages, that might affect other members or any of the above mentioned rules
14) Posting of malware or links to sites containing malware

1) If possible discussions should continue in the same topic (specially when question is not completely covered), instead of creating new threads
2) Exchanging of advices and usefull information links is encouraged
3) If the thread was created to recieve an answer, the final solution summary is encouraged using point form
4) Its a good manner to quote the responder's message, so that they can easily understand what point you are adressing
5) Try to avoid uncertanty in your messages. Everybody views the world in the own views.
6) If you feel that any of the users are violating the rules, please PM the moderator
7) It is not polite to point out any typos or tease the person participating in the threads
8) Think about proper spelling. The more mistakes, the less serious people become towards you

Before creating a New Thread
1) Please utilize a search function. It is possible that your question already had been discussed. That way you will get your answer faster, instead of waiting for someone to reply
2) If you didnt find your answer, please make your problem description straightforward
3) The title of the thread should reflect the nature of the question or problem discussed inside

1) Administrators and Moderators are responsible for main control of this forum
2) Only constructive messages and appropriate behavior of particular user influence decisions of staff members
3) The standard assumption, everything is allowed, unless it violates the above rules
4) Staff reserves the right to change the rules without any given notice
5) As the forum is post-moderated, the presence of any message does not reflect its validity among mentioned rules

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