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Jingtian's Blog - A Chinese Essay: Man in His Forties Is a Flower in Bloom

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Posted 05 April 2007 - 05:03 PM

Man in His Forties Is a Flower in Bloom

Written by Wang Yue, translated by Anonymous

There is common saying: “Man in his forties is a flower in bloom, but woman is soybean residue.” A bit vulgar this saying may be, but it does tell us such a fact that man in his forties really possesses undeniable fascination.

In his career, a man at this age possesses the maturity and steadiniess that a yount lad lacks. Enthusiastic and warm-hearted as a lad may have, he is more brave than steady. Just like a child, he is likely to make the mistake “Learning without thought is labor lost.” On the contrary, being an adult man, who possesses both vigor and maturity, he is steady yet full of zeal; wise and far-sighted, yet still vigorous in his work. Man at this stage is rich in experience and fond of learning and making progress.

The stature of a middle-aged man is mo longer as weak or thin as that of a young man, he is well-built, so that to those women born delicate, he3 is simply the saest harbor bestowed by God, who is very steady and sure and sure to lean on, warm and comfortable to hug tightly.

As the saying goes “At thirty I took my stand. “At forty begins to look at the way of the world and human life with an open mind and a magnanimous way, and cannot be easily swayed by trifling matters. He possesses lofty ideals in his mind, his face is full of confidence in his meditation, free and unrestrained in his speech and deportment.”

Man in his forties is an idol to worship for those girls who are first awakening to love. As he4 has already experienced the season of love and has already married—the so-called “a person who has had the experience ”—he naturally knows more about woman’s heart than a lad does, and is more considerate of women, which, to the lads who have just come out of the thatched cottage, is inaccessible. A lot of women with certain cultural qualities and unique makings often intend to like those adults who are mature in personality, more abundant in their spiritual life and possess more male enchantment in their disposition and are successful in their career and have favor in female’s eyes .However, it is dangerous too, for those middles-aged men who are successful in their career and have a steady family, in spite of being chased by charming girls and already themselves having had such secret experience, most of them are reluctant to abandon their wives, for they are bound to face condemnation from society, traditional morality and their own conscience. And they may even lose all their standing and reputation. Besides, lovers and wife are after all two different things. Quick to switch sides and join in the fun on occasion are adult man’s nature. Therefore, to them, playing with love is more inclined to attract women’s eyes and is easily hated by them as well. When a woman is cautiously protecting her love, she finds that her devoted heart is frequently offended.

Man in his forties is a flower in bloom. A woman can only enjoy it by satisfying her admiration from a distance away. That’s quite enough!

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