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Jingtian's Blog - Saying Good-bye to Alma Mater Again

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Posted 06 June 2007 - 05:38 PM

Wthin a few days, I will move out of campus and rent an appartment. I got my master's and bachelor's degree from the same university, between which I worked for a year. Therefore, it is the second time that I left my Alma Mater, which reminds me of a very famous Chinese poem, written by a distinguished Chinese poet for his Alma Mater. I had thought of adapting the poem, but I fear that I might spoil it, therefore I cite the poem here:

QUOTESaying Good-bye to Cambridge Again

by Xu Zhimo

Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Quietly I wave good-bye
To the rosy clouds in the western sky.

The golden willows by the riverside
Are young brides in the setting sun;
Their reflections on the shimmering waves
Always linger in the depth of my heart.

The floating heart growing in the sludge
Sways leisurely under the water;
In the gentle waves of Cambridge
I would be a water plant!

That pool under the shade of elm trees
Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky;
Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds
Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream?

To seek a dream? Just to pole a boat upstream
To where the green grass is more verdant;
Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight
And sing aloud in the splendor of starlight.

But I cannot sing aloud
Quietness is my farewell music;
Even summer insects heap silence for me
Silent is Cambridge tonight!

Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Gently I flick my sleeves
Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away

Here are some pictures of our university. The former two are the older campus, and the latter two are the newer campus, which are obviously of different styles.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I think I will add something the day I leave.

To be continued...

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