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Deep Breath

Posted by Whizard , 07 December 2006 · 393 views

Its been rather quiet here on the official beta forums. Something is definately coming. Although its hard to speculate what it is. Definately all of the developer forces are being concentrated on the Vista Compatibility. Also there is a new hype in x64 bit computing. Although I do see additional benefits such as avaiable memory. However, that brings up a completely new architecture, rendering drivers virtually incompatible. I am sure the Devs are working around the clock to bring the much needed compatibility. I tested x64 bit flavors, and didn't find anything of use to me. Personally that platform is just needed for power users. But the media is continiously pusing us forward creating the artificial needs. While I am not advocating that it is a bad idea. That makes us even more confused about we need. Do we even need Windows Vista? or even the 64bit flavor of it. Only the time will tell, since the domination of new architecture is unavoidable.

Dec 09 2006 06:49 PM
I agree: most of user dont need nor Vista nor 64 bits. But I think 64 bits systems are important for some who use intensely virtual machines.
The 4gigas limit is a handicap to have some virtual machines at the same time.
And one problem are new computers. In february will be imposible to buy a computer without Vista :)
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But of course the technological architecture allows more freedom of resources and yet again promised stability. I guess its time to a plunge and install Vista, otherwise soon the flood of new and inexperienced users will come on board :)
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