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Errands with Big Companies

Posted by Whizard , 21 October 2007 · 321 views

Ah how quick the summer goes!

Time as they say surely flies. So much to do so little time. My google calendar is packed with events, that need my personal attention if I want to recieve proper credits on in the University projects and assignments. Nobody would want to miss them and pay extra money to take another year. That would definately be a drag. Graduation approaches even faster than I could predict. That brings me to another drag, what big companies have become.

While we do appreciate them, we also dislike them. When our project parter (a bank per say too) thrown our group into the ditch by hiding behinid confusing legal agreements. We have a meeting with on monday, where we are going to flat out say that they are hindering our project. Dang, I knew it all along that big companies do not share information and only concerned about money and profit making. No client, no project. Our team decided to fire this bank, also a learning curve I must. So here, I am starting up from strach. Looking for clients and yet starting the whole thing from scratch. Granted, I would never do business with them or recommend them to anybody.

Beta testing of v8 of KIS/KAV should start fairly soon. I am curious to see what seems to be good on the screenshot. That of course it will be even better once the bugs and instabilities are worked out. That is indeed promises to be quite a good project. A lot thought, team fighting had been placed into it and the ultimate result is already seen from the preview screenshots. Who would have thought what just a few months could do. On the other hand I did upgrade my home LAN to the latest AK and WKS editions. That would keep LAN maintained with proper fixes and antivirus updates.

Time will tell, but big companies are quite unfortunate reality of our daily lives!

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