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Kaspersky Labs FanClub trip

Posted by Sjoeii , 27 October 2009 · 3568 views

Day 1:

recently I was invited by KL Labs to come to the HQ to join in in the festivities for the 3 year celebration of the Fan Club. Offcourse I was honoured to join in.
To me it wasn't the best time to go because this was a very busy time on my daily job. But I was anxious to see Lucian, Pipkin and the rest.

My flight was pretty fast and good although none of the personell spoke English so it was a very quiet trip :D

At the Moscow airport I needed to wait a really long time at customs. While waiting there I was really wondering why all the ground stewardesses were wairing this too long high heels. That wouldn't be that comfort to walk on all day.
Behind customs three people were waiting for me redbull21, Igor and hinote. Hinote welcomed me and I was surprised how well his English was. Redbull than came to me and we talked a bit in German/ English. Igor was a bit quiet but I guess that has something to do that he was a bit shy and he didn't understand English.
After an hour Kilauea came from his plane and we were able to leave for the hotel. The hotel was about 45 minutes drive from the airport. When we arrived we had about 30 minutes for the end off diner. We were about the last ones to arrive at the hotel.
I really needed to hurry because after the trip I really could use a shower. After I checked in I arrived at my room and came to the conclusion that I had the wrong room. I was planned with our friend Jingtian, but because I needed some work done as well I reserved my own room so I had some lost minutes for changing my room. Because of all this I arrived about 8 minutes before the ending off all the activities. I quickly had some small food and some wine and I was happy after all :)

While enjoyng this I was wondering who was who? The room was filled with lot's of people. Lot's of them spoke a language from which I presumed it was Russian so I was looking for the English speeking people. Luckily I found them fast. Offcourse they were all standing near the bar , B)

They were all talking a lot so I didn't want to bother in untill one guy came to me and asked me who I was. I told him my name and he quickly turned away from me. Apparently he didn't understand my name as I pronounced it some other way as these guys thought it should have been. haha
So at the table we were standing there were; Jingtian, Lucianbara, AHSO, Baz en Richbuff ( the guy who asked my name )
Before we even could start a normal conversation we needed to stop and leave the room, the party was over :)

Everyone went to bed immediately. Except for Jingtian and our German friends. We went for the bar to have a couple of drinks.
But even we went upstairs after an hour or so.

And after another hour work I went to sleep as well. There was a very long day ahead. A visit to KL Labs HQ .............................

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Nice story, thanx. Must be continued :wub:
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Hello my friend. I will continue indeed
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