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Trip to the Shanghai Expo

Posted by Jingtian , 21 May 2010 · 624 views

Like I said in a post in this forum, I am not very keen on the Shanghai Expo, as the 400,000,000,000 RMB spent on it could have been spent somewhere else for better purposes.

Anyway, for the ordinary people, especially those who haven't traveled to too many places in the world, it is a good way to see the world without having to travel all over the world.

The two pavilions we want to see the most are the China Pavilion, which has been having so much hype for the past half a year till now, and the Saudi Arabia Pavilion, which is the most expensive pavilion in this expo and boasts the world's largest IMAX cinema in it.

Performances (the pavilion you see beside the road is the Luxembourg Pavilion).
Posted Image

Holland Pavilion.
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Inside the Spain Pavilion, the "big baby" who can smile and cry and move his head receives a lot of attention and applause. It is one of the highlights of this visit.
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Spain Pavilion, which is made of a lot of wicker. We didn't know what it was, when I saw it on a bus from the Asian zone to the European zone. When we came back, we visited it. This photo was taken when we were lining up for the Belgium-EU Pavilion.
Posted Image

Belgium-EU Pavilion. Have you noticed one is a man, and the other is a woman?
Posted Image

Chocolate beans, inside the Belgium-EU Pavilion.
Posted Image

Chocolate, inside the Belgium-EU Pavilion.
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Machine that cuts the diamond, inside the Belgium-EU Pavilion. It is said that diamonds were given for free to lucky visitors there, and that's one of the reasons we visited it. Unluckily, all we got was a small cookie, not even a chocolate bar, but anyone, it is still the only freebie we got in the expo.
Posted Image

India Pavilion.
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Saudi Arabia Pavilion. We didn't have the chance to see what's inside. I guess this is the most popular pavilion of this expo. More than three hours wait to get in - that's crazy! When we first got there, it was before lunch. Seeing so many people there in line, we decided to go somewhere else first. When we came back at 5:30 pm, there were as many people as before. So we decided to give up. Maybe I can see it some other time, if I come here again.
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China Pavilion. It is the only position that requires reservation, and you can only get it very early the day of your visit. When we arrived, it was about 9:30, and we didn't have the chance to get the reservation. One of my American friends received an interview from a local news station, in which he expressed his regret for being unable to see it. As it will still be open after the expo, so I can visit it some time at my own convenience.
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More pictures will be uploaded...

Thanx, good story :clapping:
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