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Google Wave Is Cool

Posted by Jingtian , 03 January 2010 · 755 views

Has anyone ever tried Google Wave? I think it is one of Google most successful applications.

It is both a "new online communications tool" and a "document collaboration tool". Actually it is more of the latter to me. You can find many video tutorials, some of them last several hours.

There is a very short introductory video to Google Wave. Search "Google Wave Overview" by "Google" on Youtube. You will learn the basics of it.

A user guide is also available at http://completewaveguide.com/.

Hi Jingtian

Are you using it? I have it but I really don't understand it.
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Not much. It does not add any value if I use it myself.

If a group of people are using it, it is very useful, as it is a collaboration tool.

Google Wave is very complex. If you search it on Youtube, you will see that some people spend more than an hour explaining what it does. The video that I recommended above is made by Google. It is less than 10 minutes long, but it does explain almost everything.
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True. As a tool for company it will be usefull but not for me right now I guess
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