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Google Sync Is Great

Posted by Jingtian , 27 December 2009 · 134 views

In the past, when I replaced my cell phone, I had to manually input the numbers of my contacts to the new phone.

Now with Google Sync, I can synchronize my contacts in the phone with my Google contacts. Even if I lose my phone, I can download the information of my contacts from Google to my phone.

There is a synchronization feature in BlackBerry Desktop Manager, too. However, I exported the contacts as a CSV file, made some changes to the contacts, and then tried to imported the contacts back to my phone. After I did this, there was no contact in my phone at all. Everything contact in my phone was gone.

Then I remember that I have synchronized my phone contacts with my Google contacts. I logged in to my Google account, and then exported the accounts as a CSV file. I didn't try to synchronize my Google contacts with my BlackBerry accounts, as if I had done that, there would have been no way to get back my contacts. My Google contacts would be deleted, too.

So what I did was to export the contacts as a CSV file to my computer first, and then used some Excel tricks to make the changes that I wanted. Then I imported the CSV file into my Google account. After that, I did a synchronization between my phone and Google. Every contact was back in my phone.

Neither the BlackBerry Desktop Device nor the Google Sync documentation is clear enough. I'm going to write a short user manual for Google Sync and send it to Google.

There are some challenges that you might meet when you use Google Sync or Synchronization in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

1. Long phone numbers, especially those with country and area code, will be converted to scientific notation in the CSV file. You can imagine what will happen after you reimport the CSV file to Google or BlackBerry.

2. Sometimes, the first name and last name are in the wrong order. In Chinese, people put their family name before their given name, therefore, if a person is called Li Kaifu, Kaifu is his family name, and Li is his family name. When I copied these numbers into my BlackBerry address book, this contact's family name became Kaifu, and his given name became Li. If you have more than 200 contacts, manually correcting the names will drive you crazy.

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