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Melamine found in Milk and Milk Powder

Posted by Jingtian , 02 October 2008 · 155 views

When I was a middle school student, I was taught at school that capitalists pour milk into the river because of surplus production during economic crises in capitalist countries. Born in a socialist country, I have not experienced that, but I learnt from the newspaper that some farmers poured milk in China.

Melamine, a chemical substance that can cause kidney stone, was found in milk powder and liquid milk of a famous brand in China. Then it was also identified in some of the dairy products in the top Chinese brands, and in Nestle as well. Several infants died and thousands of infants are being treated in hospital.

The profit motive has truly gone to an ugly extreme. Why did they add melamine to milk? To improve the percentage of nitrogen, which is an important indicator of the protein content in milk. But who added melamine into the milk? San Lu, in which brand's milk melamine was first found, said that the dairy farmers did it, but the farmers said that San Lu forced them to add melamine it to milk.

Dairy farmers in north China's Hebei Province, where San Lu is headquartered, face a lot of doubt from the consumers. They had to either sell milk at a very low price or pour milk like wastewater.

It is said that Bureau of Quality Supervision says that melamine has not been found in liquid milk of major brands that is produced after September 14, 2008. I hope it will never be found in dairy products again.

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