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Busy August

Posted by Jingtian , 01 October 2008 · 150 views

I didn't write anything this busy August.

Back from the United States on Aug 6, I had the chance to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games... at home... Zhang Yimou did not let us down, and an NBC anchor said that we "made this statement with raw power, with extreme grace, with breathtaking beauty." Another NBC anchor said that it “exceeded all superlatives”. Zhang Yimou was able to present the essence of the ancient China and the modern China within such a short time. I watched it twice, although I fell asleep at the first time, as I was till trying to get over the jet lag. I like none of Zhang Yimou's movies, but there is no doubt from me on the success of this opening ceremony.

China won 51 golds, 21 silvers, and 28 bronzes. This is the first time that China has won more gold medals than the United States, and of course, more than any other country, too. The United States is still the No. 1 sports country, ranking 1 with 110 medals. There are certain facts that are interesting:
1. China won more than gold medals than any other country
2. China won more than 50 gold medals
3. China won 100 medals, more than what we did in any previous olympics
4. China won 8 golds on a single day; Michael Phelps won 8 golds in this olympics
5. China won gold, silver and bronze in both men's and women's ping pong; Russia won gold, silver and bronze in women's tennis
6. China's men's volleyball team vs. Brazil: 0:3; China's women's volleyball team vs. Brazil: 0:3; China's men's soccer team vs. Brazil: 0:3.

The most exciting moment is that we won Gymnastics Men's Team and Women's Team. The most depressing moment is Liu Xiang, the men's 110 meter hurdle gold winner in Athens' olympics, quitted at the last minute, which received a lot of criticism from the people, who all believed that he would win a gold and break the world record again.

The person who moved the whole Chinese nation is a women runner from Iraq, who survived shots twice when practicing, and who could not afford new sneakers. After reading the news about this athlete, a lot of Chinese people suggested that she stay in China for future practices, and quite a few Chinese men expressed their willingness to marry this woman. Some said that Li Ning, the Cauldron lighter should sponsor her for sports wear. A few guys joked that she should be hired as the coach of the China's men's soccer team!

The person who impressed the whole most is Michael Phelps, who won 8 gold medals in this olympics. The person who is said to have the highest chance of winning the gold is Елена Гаджиевна Исинбаева (Yelena Isinbayeva), who has kept up with all people's expectations.

The unluckiest athlete in the olympics Matthew Emmons, who missed gold medals in both Athens and Beijing Olympics at the last shot, but he impressed the audience by being generous enough to congratulate the winner, and by the love between he and his wife.

The biggest pity for this Olympics is the tragedy that happened to two Americans, who died because of a maniac whose intent was to revenge himself on society.

The biggest problem with the Chinese people is that they are hypercritical. I did not use "we" because I do not have this problem. Du Li ranked fifth in Women's 10m Air Rifle Final, she received a lot of criticisms. Four days later, she won a gold in Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Final. She said she experienced both hell and heaven during those four days.

After Olympics, there were three releases of products in our project, and I was busy with a bunch of documentations.

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