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In the U.S. - Part 6: Hiring

Posted by Jingtian , 06 June 2008 · 125 views

Three months after I joined the project, I found myself become the leader of the technical writing team. I will be responsible for recruiting qualified technical writers, training them and leading them toward the shared goals of the whole team.

Hiring is by no means an easy job. One of the candidates had been a professional HR for several years, and then became a technical writer. I had to make good preparation before I conducted the phone interview.

Here is what I am doing:

1. Read their CVs in both Chinese and English carefully and identify areas that I am interested in and areas with language errors if available
2. Write several questions based on my interest in their work experience and educational background
3. Ask several questions that cover the core competences as a technical writer
4. Arrange the questions in a logical order

I have plenty experience of being interviewed, but this is the first time that I have interviewed others. I hope that I can find the right candidate as soon as possible, but some of the requirements cannot be compromised.

You can contact me if you have anyone to recommend.

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