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My Favorite French Chanson

Posted by Jingtian , 09 September 2007 · 213 views

I don't speak French, therefore, I seldom listen to French songs. Yesterday, when I was reading others' blogs, some French songs were played. They are so nice!

My favorite French chanson is : Ce train qui s'en va.

The lyrics:

Je n'aurais pas du venir
j'aurais du savoir mentir
Ne laisser que ton sourire
Vivre dans mes souvenirs
J'aurais du laisser l'espoir
Adoucir les au revoir
Ce train qui s'en va
Qui part
Qui part

Je savais qeu serait
Difficile mais je pensais
Que je saurai te cacher
Le plus grand de mes secrets
Mais a quoi bon te mentir
C'est dur de te voir partir

Et avant que ne coule Une lame
Dans ton sourire qui Me desarme
Je cherche un peu
De reconfort
Dans tes bras je veux
Me blottir
Pour mieux garder
Le souvenir
De tout la chaleur de ton corps

Even the French version (Le temps du muguet) of the famous Russian song Подмосковные вечера is so nice. By the way, does any one know the English or German lyrics of this song. If you do, please let me know. :P

I like French female voices very much. Is it time that I started to learn French?

Sep 10 2007 08:10 PM
French chanson is really great, true. I like so much Joe Dassin's Salut, L'ete indien, Et si tu n'existais pas (I sang the last one, by the way).

Now I found the full version of Подмосковные вечера in English:

Not a rustling leaf, not a bird in flight
In the sleepy grove until dawn
How I love these nights, Moscow suburb nights
The caress of the waking sun

The calm rilling stream seems to ebb and flow
Like a silver web of moonlight
In my heart I hear singing come and go
On this wonderful summer night

Why this downcast look? Does the rising day
Bring us near the hour when we part?
It's as hard to keep as to give away
All that presses upon the heart

Dawn is nigh, and pale grow that amber lights
Let me hope, my dear, that you too
will remember these Moscow suburbs nights
And our love that has been so true
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Thank you very much, NickGolovko. I have found this version, too, with some other versions. For example:

Moscow Nights (Podmoskovnye vechera)

Music by V. Solviyev-Sedoy. Lyrics by Mikhail Matusovsky

English translation by Alexander Boltenko ©2005

Orchards sleep tonight, silence reigns afar
Nature lingers on till the dawn
How I wish you knew that I loved the time
When we strolled into Moscow night

Sleepy river shines flowing quietly
In the silver light of the moon
Evenings quiet as this bring the melodies
And the songs that are from the heart

Darling look at me, let me see your eyes
Let me see your face when I say
It is hard for me to speak out my heart
Even harder that not to speak

And the dawn is near light’ning up the skies
I will promise you and I know
We will always keep in our hearts the time
When we strolled into Moscow night

I cannot sing any French chanson at the moment, but I will learn to sing a few of them. :)
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